Our Mission


The Michael Napoleone Memorial Foundation, Inc., established in 2007, is in memory of Michael C. Napoleone, the eight year-old son of Mark and Laurie Napoleone from Batavia, NY who died from Burkitts Lymphoma/Leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer. During Michael's illness, the community rallied around the family to assist with food, gas, medical bills and other necessities. The not-for-profit foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, was created to give back to those who cared, to give forward to those in need, and to support research efforts in finding a cure for childhood cancer.


Laurie Napoleone

Mark Napoleone

Ann Marie Suttell

Jeff Klips

Joni Yaskulski

Jennifer Triftshauser

Darrell Bell

Ellen DellaPenna

Diane Hale

Donna Kabel

Kathy Kelly

Seana Logsdon

JoAnne McInerney

Mark Napoleone, Sr.

Danielle Rotondo 


Golisano Children’s Hospital

This foundation has touched our hearts from the day it was created.  Your foundation has been gracious supporters to our program for many years now.  Through this support, patients and families have equipment that enriches their lives, while in the hospital.

Our child life mission is to help children and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury and treatment.  We provide therapeutic play interventions to help educate, support, and work through the fears, anxiety and pain that they so often experience. To do this we need age appropriate play areas and materials.  The Michael Napoleone Memorial Foundation has provided us over the years with space, furniture, gaming supplies, toys, and comfort items in which to use with children. 

Thank you for the years of support and for the kind hearted foundation that you are.  What amazing people you all are to keep this foundation strong and valuable to the community. 

Wendy Lane, MS, CCLS
Child Life Coordinator
UR Medicine’s Golisano Children’s Hospital